Partnering for Reef Protection

We love partnering with local island businesses to spread awareness about reef conservation to tourists and islanders alike! Our Top 10 Ways to Protect the Reef banner is located in high traffic areas across the island to raise awareness and educate about practical ways we can protect the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef from preventable harm. The Galaxy Wave and Utila Dream ferry boats, along with the the Aeropuertos de Honduras in conjunction with Publicitas currently showcase our banner in their popular locations.

Aeropuertos de Honduras supervisor Marvin Ayala remarked about the banners, “We have always been committed to the protection of the environment. We know that our airport is a gateway to the Bay Islands and the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, so we must have an ecological conscience, and the actions we do as an entity are aimed towards that. With these banners the tourist will know that we must be careful. It is a conservation area, and we invite them to enjoy the riches that we have, but we also have to do it responsibly.” (via Diario Roatan)

The Abundant Life Foundation is thankful for the opportunity to display our banners in these locations and looks forward to continuing to forge partnerships on the island to increase reef awareness, encourage reef safety and promote preservation of this important local resource.

To read more about our island banner partners, visit here.

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