The Abundant Life Foundation has a new logo!

It’s a new time for the Abundant Life Foundation!  We are excited to present our new logo and website!

Our new logo represents island life and the forward movement of life. We are moving forward as an organization and our steadfast commitment to the people of Roatán is represented in this new logo design.  Over the past 10 years, we have identified opportunities leading to personal and community growth and well-being for the people of Roatán. Now we face the future of Roatán with renewed passion and dedication.

We are excited about our future work and wanted our new logo to convey the vibrancy of the Bay Islands and our commitment across our “Three Pillars” of work: Education, Community Development and Conservation.  Each pillar is represented, in our new logo, by a vibrant color found in the land and sea of the Bay Islands. Our Education Program builds and supports schools and students; our Community Development Program focuses on building affordable homes, and supporting communities; our Conservation Program has been created to protect the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef through awareness and education. All of these programs come together in the logo to further represent our connectedness as an organization and to the people of Roatán.  

Our Strategic Plan is designed to build on our existing programs and expand ALF’s impact on Roatán. We have close ties to, and support from, companies like the Grand Roatán Resort, Grupo SUR, and many others, and are developing new strategic partnerships to help us bring improved programs to Roatán.  

It’s a new time for the Abundant Life Foundation.  Won’t you join the movement?  100% of all donations are passed through to our programs. >Donate here

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