Eleazar’s Story

One of my favorite things to do is to read to the kids. When we were first helping out at the Majken Broby Children’s home in 2007 I met 7 year old Eleazar. The children are placed there by the central government if the parents are absent or in prison.

Last year, Eleazar was 17, and he was in his last year of college, which is like our high school in the USA. Public school goes to the 8th grade.  College is elective. Before starting college, they have to select a career path.  Eleazar selected tourism.  During their third year of college, it is mandatory they complete a month long internship.  He goes to the college, Jose Santos Guardiola.  This is an unpaid internship.

Despite being raised without his biological parents he turned out as a solid young man. We had the opportunity to further his life path by working as a server at the Grand Roatan Resort’s Ironshore Grill!

-David Dachner

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