Our mission is to create opportunities for the people of Roatán to live a more vibrant life through education, community development and conservation.

Improving Well-Being for Locals

Since our first days on the island of Roatán, our involvement has been providing scholarships and support to sharp, motivated students to pursue an education. To further our efforts of making a positive impact in the Bay Islands, we then added community development and, finally, conservation to preserve the 2nd largest reef system in the world, the Mesoamerican Coral Reef. Focusing our work in these three areas helps us empower the people of the Bay Islands to create a vibrant future for themselves and their families. Our three areas of focus are Education, Community and Conservation.

“Our work spans the length of the island and touches a variety of cultures and communities.”

You can make a difference

Your donation creates opportunity and sustainable solutions for generations to come. 100% of donor funds are passed through to programs.