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Roatán is a majestic island getaway with a vibrant mixture of people, cultures, and languages, including English, Spanish, and Garifuna.

However, Roatán is facing many challenges.



Roatán is located 40 miles off the northern coast of Honduras.

The Bay Islands are easily accessible for visitors and volunteers with direct flights from many cities. Although Honduras has an infamous reputation for violence, Roatán is quite distinct in that it maintains the safety of a tourist destination and the tranquility of a Caribbean island.



  • A brief history of Roatán

    From Columbus to British colonization, Roatán saw many flags fly the island before being annexed to Honduras on April 22nd, 1861.

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  • Island Celebrations

    Islanders love to celebrate and do so with vibrancy, color, and a rhythm all their own! The entire month of May is celebrated with local villages coming together to dance, eat, sing and do the Maypole.

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  • A mix of languages

    While Spanish is the official language, the native language of the islanders is English, and Garifuna for a small segment of the population in Punta Gorda.

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  • Before tourism and westernization

    Life in Roatán as late as the 1990’s saw most people being self-sufficient, living largely off the sea in clusters of fishing villages.

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  • Population Explosion

    An influx of tourists and people moving from mainland Honduras has dramatically affected the culture and economy. In 2001, 25,000 lived on the island; as of 2014, 109,000 people call the Bay Islands home.

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Conditions are changing rapidly
No longer a sleepy, fishing village, a climate of economic disparity and cultural differences is emerging, brought on by an explosion of tourism and people moving to Roatán from mainland Honduras.

Community needs are on the rise
While this growth has benefitted many, Roatán is navigating increased poverty rates, a higher cost of living and a shortage of affordable housing.

The education system is under-resourced
Due to insufficient resources to build and support schools, Roatán and its people are at risk of being left behind without higher-level education opportunities and the development of marketable, professional skills.

The coral reef is under attack
The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is experiencing incredible decay from the effects of population growth, tourism, overfishing and pollutants, posing threats to the environment and the livelihood of local residents.

Our Work

There is tremendous opportunity in the Bay Islands to make a difference, and we aim to establish a stronger foundation for local residents, improve well-being and create programs that build a sustainable future.

The Abundant Life Foundation serves local individuals and families across three main pillars:
education, community and conservation.

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