Many schools in Roatán do not currently have the desks, chairs, books and supplies to properly educate their students.

Improving the Quality of Education

One of the biggest needs in the existing schools on Roatán is proper resources and supplies. The absence of enough desks, chairs, storage units, books, and classroom space presents a challenge not only for students but for the teachers hoping to achieve quality education in their classrooms. The Abundant Life Foundation sees an opportunity to partner with these schools by listening to the unique needs of each and collecting financial and physical donations in order to support the teachers and students who are shaping the future of the island and beyond.

  • Reading to the Children

    Many children living on the island of Roatán will never leave the island. Reading can unlock a child’s imagination and introduce them to faraway places (real or imaginary!) they’ve never heard of and may never see.

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You Can Make a Difference

Provide necessary resources and supplies to Roatán schools in need. 100% of donor funds are passed through to programs.