Each week, teachers and community leaders come together to bring expressive reading and enrichment activities to students. We believe that through universal themes, students can improve their language skills, build literacy, and better relate to the world around them.

Promoting literacy and leadership through stories

The Bilingual Story Hour lets children explore who they are through reading and creative expression. The program is made possible by local leaders: teachers bring eager students to our Educational Training Facility (ETF) while community representatives select stories and facilitate the lesson. Through this special collaboration, ALF helps instill the importance of literacy in our future leaders.

  • What Impact has the Story Hour at The Abundant Life Foundation had on me?

    “It was a wonderful experience. What I enjoyed most was the ability to explore my creativity with each story. My favorite part was interacting with each group of kids that walked into the room. It reminded me of why I chose to pursue a career in education, I loved seeing the kids learning and having fun at the same time. I made many friends with the readers that came, and each time they always said that hopefully they get to return and read to the children again.

    I encourage the Abundant Life Foundation to continue the Story Hour, because me being in that room saw the impact it had on the kids and many of them are looking forward to returning someday.”

    — Terisha Webster, ALF Volunteer Story Hour Coordinator



    “I love this program, I can see where my students will benefit from this in so many ways” –  Teacher, Essau Brooks School, Coxen Hole.



    “Wow! What a great opportunity for kids to enrich literacy through this reading program. I love how ALF involves community members and local school – keep up the good work.” – Teacher, Church of God Bilingual School, Coxen Hole.



    “Our school does not have a place for students to read. The program gives students the opportunity to listen to readers, ask questions and explore their minds” – Elfrida Brooks, Coxen Hole.


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