Developing micro business opportunities for island residents supports a higher standard of living and community growth.

Creating Micro Economies to Empower Community Members

In November of 2012, the Abundant Life Foundation showed some women in St. Helene the concept of crocheting handbags made mostly from recycled materials. To date, over 60 individual women have sold over $23,000 worth of bags, learning a sustainable business model. The program has grown to include men and boys adding to the production of bags by making bamboo and metal crochet hooks for the women. They also produce buttons for the bags made of wood, shells, coconut husks, and other natural items. In this collaborative effort, ten percent of all proceeds are collected in a community fund for the community to use as they collectively decide. In 2016 the St. Helene community voted to allocate some of their funds to replace a broken well pump for the North Side School of St. Helene.


$23,000 in plastic purses sold
60 artisans
10% of proceeds go back to community fund
90% of proceeds go back to artisans
  • Dawany’s Story

    Dawany was initially one of the most resistant women in St. Helene to the idea of sewing purses. However after several visits from the Abundant Life Foundation, she finally gave it a try. The transformation we saw in her life after the sale of her first handbag was remarkable. The ability to provide income for her family gave her confidence, independence, and a sense of value.

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You Can Make a Difference

Empower artisans in a remote area to provide income for themselves and their families. 100% of donor funds are passed through to programs.