Few students in Roatán can afford an education beyond high school. Giving children the hope of a future motivates them to stay in school and pursue higher education.

Scholarship Program

Through partnerships on the island with trusted individuals and organizations, we are able to identify teens and young adults who exemplify the ability and desire to achieve a higher education. We offer a college tuition assistance program to these outstanding students. Whether to a college or trade school in mainland Honduras, or a university in the Americas, students who work hard and have passion to pursue their dreams should have the opportunity. Abundant Life Foundation encourages scholarship recipients to return to Roatán after completing their educations, to be role models for the next generation of college-bound students.

Meet Sirly

Sirly moved to Roatán from La Ceiba, Honduras following her parents’ divorce more than 10 years ago. She has overcome many obstacles in her pursuit of an education. Her attendance at the Solid Rock School provided both educational stability and challenges. Known for her determination and get-down-to business attitude, Sirly has worked hard, and is a rising Sophomore at Pensacola Christian College in Florida. Sirly plans to return to Roatán as a teacher after obtaining her degree in education and math.

“Thank you for giving me hope and the gift of renewed faith in possibilities. Your generous kindness and loving heart will not be forgotten.”

Meet Annie

Annie was born and raised on Roatán. She is one of seven children and considers herself lucky to have been raised with both parents and all her siblings. Annie had no hopes for herself or her education until she began attending the Solid Rock School. Although Annie technically graduated from the public Honduran education system, she continued her studies at the Solid Rock School in preparation for college. Currently, Annie is a Freshmen at Pensacola Christian University in Florida and can’t wait to return to Roatán as a teacher to help others break through as she has.

“My dream is to study education and to experience the gift of higher education. Thank you for your loving support and this incredible opportunity.”

Meet Anayka

Anayka moved to Roatán from Tela, Honduras five years ago. She is one of six children, and she and her siblings have lived apart with extended family members since their arrival. Anayka has not let adversity stop her pursuit of an education. Her goal to become a pediatric nurse has been fueled by her internship with Clinica Esperanza in Sandy Bay, Roatán. She impressed the Clinic Director so much that Anayka has been invited to return for more training. Anayka plans to return to Roatán after completing Nursing school. Currently, Anayka is waiting for scholarship funding.

“This special opportunity will allow me to impact the lives of others who feel as helpless as I once did. I promise to be a good steward and to give back ten-fold.”

  • What are they up to now?

    Annie and Sirly are both still planning to be teachers! Read more about how these bright young students have adjusted to life in the U.S., and about their experiences at college.

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You can make a difference

Donating to our scholarship fund gives our future leaders the opportunity to make a difference. 100% of donor funds are passed through to programs.