From learning about community educational needs, to partnering with locals in some areas with the greatest poverty on the island, the Abundant Life Foundation has created relationships revolving around educating future island leaders.

Raising Up Future Leaders

In order to make lasting change on the island of Roatán, we must be able to build schools that recruit and support excellent teachers, meet children at their current educational level, most of which are years behind their age, and provide healthy learning environments through class size, building structure, and supplies for classrooms. By increasing the level of quality education as well as the graduation and upper education rate, there will be more business and thought leadership on the island, in turn bringing greater revenue and breaking the cycle of poverty for Roatán’s citizens.

Building Schools

Currently, ALF has built and partners with two schools on Roatán, the Solid Rock School and the Sady Bodden School in St. Helene. Continuing partnerships with these schools is top priority, and we will also strive to influence creation of more schools in our community developments across the island.

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Story Hour

We invite local island classrooms to visit ALF for enriching literacy activities and the opportunity to be read a story in Spanish and English by a community leader. 

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Supporting Schools

Existing schools on the island are in great need of support and supplies, including uniforms, maintenance and programs to support teachers.

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You can make a difference

Ensure students on the island have their chance to shine and thrive. 100% of donor funds are passed through to programs.