Los Sueños, in Flowers Bay, Roatán will be the first Master Planned Affordable Housing Community on the island, offering economical, dignified and safe housing to working-class residents. Our commitment is to build more than homes – we are building a community.

Furthering our positive impact on the Bay Islands

Hand in hand with the new homeowners, the Abundant Life Foundation is building a community where working together creates better futures for families. Community engagement is top priority, so we will collaborate with the people of Flowers Bay and the residents of Los Sueños to determine which buildings and amenities they most desire and need.

Making dreams of homeownership a reality

Homeownership at Los Sueños gives families the opportunity to  invest in their future and live in a supportive community. Pursuing homeownership at Los Sueños with the Abundant Life Foundation is a multi-step process that requires initiative and hard work. By committing to the process, Los Sueños homeowners are prepared to take on the responsibilities that come with owning a home including money management, property maintenance, and community living.

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The Los Sueños Community has plans for the future that could include:

  • “When I learned about the development at Los Sueños, I considered it a miracle.” One of the things I love most about Los Sueños is that it is a well-thought out community. I feel great and excited to be paying for my own home. It is exciting to know I will have something that belongs to me, something I helped build! There will be many adults and children who will soon wake up in their own homes and feel the happiness and gratitude my family feels. Bessie Funez Self-employed mother of 3

  • “I am grateful I have been given the opportunity to own a home in this community.” I am interested in the environment, and therefore excited about the management of potable water, and the green space allocations at Los Sueños. I have seen how the construction goes, and know where the wiring and plumbing is in my home. I feel confident and happy in my ability to manage any problems that may arise in the future. Dr. Amed Matute Local physician

You Can Make a Difference

Help us build a community local residents are proud to call home. 100% of donor funds are passed through to programs.