Donated solar-powered lights provide free, renewable light to a family with little to no electricity. Help us light up the lives of local residents!

provides 12 hours of light per day for a year.
Help us Light Up Roatán!

Light Up Life

Noticing a need for safe, sustainable light for local residents with little to no electricity, the Abundant Life Foundation partners with MPowerd to provide solar-powered lights to families across the Bay Islands including the communities of St. Helene, Mi Esperanza, Isla Bonita, Crawfish Rock and Colonia Smith. These solar-powered lights provide students more time to study, and opportunities for families across the island to continue working and communing together at night. Luci Lights improve quality of life and safety after dark, and eliminate the need for locals to use candles to light their homes.  

  • “I can now do things at night that I could not do with a candle.” Vincent Stuwart, Crawfish Rock, Roatán Resident

  • “The lights that I received from ALF help me to get into the community at night for church.” Roponsol Mann, Crawfish Rock, Roatán Resident

  • “I know every family in my community, and everyone is very grateful for the lights.” Virginia Mann, Crawfish Rock, Roatán Resident


2,500 Luci Lights Donated
600 Families Reached
5 Communities Reached
365+ Nights of Light

You Can Make a Difference

Provide the important gift of light to families with little to no electricity. 100% of donor funds are passed through to programs.