Los Sueños exists because we believe the dream of homeownership should be an attainable reality for hardworking island residents.

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Thank you for your interest in applying for a Los Sueños home. Los Sueños homeowners make an investment to build a better home and future for their families. Through committed partnerships, the initiative of homeowners, and the support of neighbors, the Los Sueños development is about more than houses- it is about community.

Who Can Apply?

Los Sueños is open to applicants who fit the following minimum requirements:

  • Not a current homeowner
  • Resident of Roatán for 7+ years
  • Steady employment record
  • No criminal record

How to Become a Homeowner

STEP 1: Stop by the ALF office to get a pre-qualification form to submit to the bank.

STEP 2: Submit references, a local criminal background check, and proof of 7+ years of residency to the Abundant Life Foundation.

STEP 3: Schedule home interview with ALF staff members.

STEP 4: An anonymous committee, representing various communities in Roatán, rates applicants on a matrix. Selected applicants complete the remaining steps:

STEP 5: Review requirements and review the restrictions of the community with an ALF representative.

STEP 6: Begin commitment of 40 hours of sweat equity.

STEP 7: Complete finance and home ownership classes.

STEP 8: Complete the bank and Convivienda mortgage loan applications.

Step 9: Pay down payment and sign closing documents.

Step 10: Receive keys to your home and move in!


A more detailed Path to Homeownership can be obtained through an appointment with Abundant Life Foundation staff. Click here to schedule an appointment or schedule with a team member by calling 3284.7625.