Coral reefs are often called the rainforests of the sea. Roatán is surrounded by the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the world’s 2nd largest barrier reef, and the number one job and income generator for locals.

Protecting the Beauty of Roatán

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is home to hundreds of species of fish, marine turtles and sharks. Along the shores, mangroves protect the coast from hurricane damage, and provide habitat for fish and shorebirds. Due to the effects of population growth, tourism, overfishing and pollutants, this delicate reef system is experiencing incredible decay. We strive to slow, stop and reverse the degradation of the local reef system by focusing on the elimination of ignorance and apathy. Through partnerships with experienced organizations, local businesses and communities, we will educate both island residents and visitors about the importance of preserving the reef and marine life, and effective practices for protecting this vibrant, natural resource that gives life to the island.

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Reef Cleanup Events

Trash in our reef affects the health of coral and damages – and even kills – marine life regularly. Our Annual Reef Cleanup Event is a small but tangible way to rid our reef of harmful waste and allow our beautiful marine life to live in clean, healthy waters. Meeting annually on the Saturday after Easter, our event is open to island residents and visiting tourists who want their time on the island to matter. Our first two events resulted in over 50 pounds of trash in just an hour with 15 volunteers. We look forward to the day when this event is no longer needed.

Reef Awareness

Many people have no idea the damage they’re doing to a reef by standing on it and interacting unsafely.  It’s important to remember the reef is a living, breathing organism. We believe we can protect the reef by providing programs to combat apathy and remove ignorance from the equation for tourists, islanders and other visitors to the region.  Reef awareness programs will be implemented with local resorts in the West Bay area as well as a long-term vision to approach airlines and visiting cruise ships. Download Now >> 10 Ways to Protect the Reef

Partnering with Local Entities

Building relationships with experienced organizations and local communities is important to reef preservation. We are forming new alliances with local conservation organizations to develop effective reef awareness and preservation programs for locals and tourists.  We support the work of the Roatán Marine Park and their efforts to keep people off the reef, and stop the removal or purchase of reef sensitive products like conch shells, starfish, seahorses, pieces of coral, etc.

Recycling Initiatives

One small step in our recycling program has been to work with local hotels and island visitors to secure plastic bags for the women of St. Helene for crocheting handbags.  As our involvement increases on the island we will investigate new methods and ways to partner with recycling and upcycling programs on Roatán.

You can make a difference

Support our conservation programs to preserve and protect the reef. 100% of donor funds are passed through to programs.