Gay Cloud – My ‘Why Roatán’

How/when did you first visit/hear about Roatán?  I first heard about Roatán around 2010-2011 when the founders, David and Brenda Dachner were making regular trips to the island, talking about their love for the people of Roatán and their desire to make a difference here. The vision and mission of[Read More]

Access to Technology for Island Students

Jessica Etough, a teacher at the Solid Rock School on Roatán, uses our Educational Training Facility (ETF) resource room to enrich her students with technology literacy skills that will benefit them in their future as leaders on the island and beyond. We sat down with Jessica to learn more about[Read More]

Mangrove Forests of Roatán

As you travel along the coastline of Roatán, you will see beautiful trees with their dense tangle of roots submerged in the sea, creating tunnel-like, canopy waterways. These are mangrove forests. Mangrove forests thrive in seemingly inhospitable environments in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. Their stilt-like roots handle[Read More]

Imagine Working Without Light

Read the story of Rosa, an island resident, and how an Abundant Life Foundation Luci Light helps her provide for her family even after the sun sets. My name is Rosa, and I’ve lived in the community of Hottest Sparrow for over 17 years. I live here with my husband,[Read More]

Imagine Cooking Without Light

In the States, losing power during a storm renders us almost completely useless for the few minutes we’re without light.  But in places all over Roatán, entire communities live with no electricity, or go for long stretches without.  Some time ago, David and I spent a night on St. Helene[Read More]

Spotlight on Roatán Apiculture Farm

As part of our celebration of Heritage Month on Roatán, we acknowledge those working to preserve communities and conserve land on the island. Juana Flores is an island resident who is preserving Roatán through her work on the successful apiculture farm in her community of Corozal. Read on for our[Read More]

How Light Helped Melissa’s Daughter Study

As part of our ongoing efforts to build brighter futures for Roatán, we’ll be sharing stories from individuals and families on the island who have received the gift of light from our Light Up Life program. Let’s work together to #LightUpLife and bring joy to Roatán. A donation of just $10 helps to[Read More]

Partnering for Reef Protection

We love partnering with local island businesses to spread awareness about reef conservation to tourists and islanders alike! Our Top 10 Ways to Protect the Reef banner is located in high traffic areas across the island to raise awareness and educate about practical ways we can protect the Mesoamerican Barrier[Read More]

Corporate Social Responsibility with the Grand Roatán Resort

Following our incredibly successful 3rd Annual Reef Cleanup Event, we sat down with Carlos Lopez, General Manager of the Grand Roatán Resort to find out more about the resort’s Social Responsibility Program. Why does the Grand Roatán Resort, under your leadership, engage in a Corporate Social Responsibility Program? Engaging in[Read More]

Welcome Rodney Torres, Reef Protector!

Meet Rodney Torres, Reef Protector. Rodney is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.  I recently spent an afternoon with Rodney to talk about his passion for the reef, and his role in protecting it.  Why is it important to protect the reef? I love to protect[Read More]