Meet the individuals whose passion makes the mission of the Abundant Life Foundation a reality.

Meet the Founders

  • David Dachner , Founder

    A self-made entrepreneur, philanthropist and visionary, “Mr. David” has had a highly successful business career for over 35 years. Always passionate to help others achieve success, David has been instrumental in programs empowering others to fulfill their life’s purpose with a focus on continual personal growth. Upon visiting Roatán in 2006, his philanthropic giving expanded to the people of the Bay Islands. In 2012 he became the owner/developer of the Grand Roatán Caribbean Resort, one of the top rated resorts in the Caribbean, which serves as an opportunity for locals to work and grow, as well as be a model of how business can and should be done in Central America. But his heart and passion remain to benefit the people of the Bay Islands through projects and programs created to empower and produce independence rather than dependency. You can find David on the island by looking for his signature hat and smile, sweating on-site at a project, always meeting new people, or enjoying the sunset at the end of a productive day.

  • Brenda Dachner , Founder

    Having always had the desire to make a difference in the world, particularly in Latin American, Roatán was “Miss Brenda’s” destiny before she even knew it. Traveling as an exchange student to Ecuador, touring with the international philanthropic organization, Up With People and mission trips to Mexico, Brenda’s heart has always been geared toward helping the underserved. It wasn’t until coming to Roatán in 2006 at the invitation of a friend that she and her husband found their calling to the people of the Bay Islands. Brenda’s gifts are her heart and empathy for individuals, being the “glue” that holds teams together, and keeping her visionary husband grounded. You can find Brenda on the island among the people, especially the children, helping at a local school or event, or visiting with locals as they share their stories, struggles and victories.


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Board Members

  • Evette Mock-Hernandez

    Evette has enjoyed serving and partnering with communities around the globe (Ecuador, Mexico, Philippines, Kenya, and Switzerland) to develop and implement sustainable projects and programs. Her service continues with the Abundant Life Foundation. Evette is thrilled to be working alongside a team who is passionate about life and affecting change and looks forward with great anticipation to all that lies ahead for the people and island of Roatán!

  • Dane Zaslaw

    The Abundant Life Foundation is the perfect platform for Dane to use his gifts, talents, and ambitions to help empower those beyond our borders who are in need. Dane is thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside people he considers “some of the biggest hearted and dedicated people who challenge me daily to be a better person.”

  • Terry Belt

    Terry L. Belt joined the board of the Abundant Life Foundation in 2017. He has been a lawyer in Austin, Texas for 45 years and he is a well-known radio personality and sports broadcaster and a former instructor at the University of Texas. At present, Belt is in charge of a trial team for the Fowler Law firm when he is not involved with ALF.

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