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Looking Back and to the Future

In our 11 years in Roatán, we have seen conditions change rapidly.   A population explosion has created a higher cost of living and housing shortage, an underfunded education system, and incredible decay of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. The Abundant Life Foundation is responding to these changes with our Three[Read More]

Melissa Sehlhorst – My ‘Why Roatán’

How/when did you first hear about Roatán? More than 20 years ago, I added an article about turtle hatching in the Bay Islands to my “must experience this in my lifetime” file.  I’ve been fortunate to have traveled to places not yet overrun with tourists, and the Bay Islands seemed[Read More]

Brenda Dachner – My ‘Why Roatán’

How/when did you first visit/hear about Roatán? At the invitation of a friend, David and I first visited Roatán in 2006.  It seemed so far away, foreign and exotic.  I remember making flight arrangements connecting through cities I couldn’t pronounce, like “Tegucigalpa”. What was it that drew you in to[Read More]

Natelee Forbes – My ‘Why Roatán’

What was it like to grow up on the island? The island provided a safe haven, a paradise to frolic and play. I had an interesting childhood; I spent most of my time in or around churches. Reading was my roadmap to the world and the elders I visited with[Read More]

David Dachner – My ‘Why Roatán’

What makes you so passionate about helping the people of Roatán? My connection to the people of the Caribbean began in the early 1980s when I would regularly visit family in St. Thomas. I enjoyed exploring the island and loved the laid-back pace, but I began to notice a common[Read More]

The Abundant Life Foundation has a new logo!

It’s a new time for the Abundant Life Foundation!  We are excited to present our new logo and website! Our new logo represents island life and the forward movement of life. We are moving forward as an organization and our steadfast commitment to the people of Roatán is represented in[Read More]

Eleazar’s Story

One of my favorite things to do is to read to the kids. When we were first helping out at the Majken Broby Children’s home in 2007 I met 7 year old Eleazar. The children are placed there by the central government if the parents are absent or in prison.[Read More]

10 Ways to Protect the Reef

Read more to learn how you can protect the beauty of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef that surrounds Roatán.

A Living Kaleidoscope

Jacques Cousteau described coral reefs as “a living kaleidoscope of lilac flecks, splashes of gold, reddish streaks, and yellows, all tinged by the familiar transparent blue of the sea.” Dazzling arrays of over 60 types of hard corals create the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. The reef spans over 600 miles along[Read More]

Dirt Floors and Dreams – Building the Sady Bodden School

In September of 2009, David and I were loosely helping with education on the island and wanted to get more involved.  Ted and Cam O’Brien from Partners in Education Roatán (PIER) suggested we tour the Elfrieda Brooks School in Coxen Hole to see how one school was doing it right.[Read More]

You can make a difference

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