An interview with the Schulers of the Solid Rock School

Mark and Susan Schuler are known for their desire to educate. Once teaching from their home on Roatán, the Schulers now operate the Solid Rock School in Flowers Bay. How many students attend the Solid Rock School? For the new school year beginning in August 2017, we will have 64[Read More]

Reading Books to the Children

Many children living on the island of Roatán will never leave the island. Roughly 40 miles long by 2 miles wide, that makes for a very small world… except for books!! Reading can unlock a child’s imagination and introduce them to faraway places (real or imaginary!) they’ve never heard of and[Read More]

A Brief History of Roatán

Columbus came across the Bay Islands in 1502. Inhabited by the Paya Indians, the Spanish took control and raided the islands for slave labor. English pirates soon followed and thus began the back-and-forth battle of control of the islands, with a notably fierce battle in Port Royal in 1782. In[Read More]

Dawany’s Story

When we first started the St. Helene Handbags Program by teaching the ladies to crochet using the plastic, I would go to every house, whether or not they were making bags. I was trying to encourage as many women as possible to start this endeavor, but I also sincerely enjoyed[Read More]