Serving Roatán since 2007, the Abundant Life Foundation is a frontier philanthropic organization with a strong resume of accomplishment in the region. Fueled by passion and a genuine love for the locals, our work is focused across three primary initiatives: education, community and conservation. We identify opportunities to make the most impact, and we take a long-term, community-driven approach with the goal of providing sustainable solutions, building upon the skills of community members, and leading to personal and community growth and well-being.

A Note from the Founders

Our passion for Roatán was ignited when we connected in a powerful way with the local people, especially the children. We truly believe Roatán chose us. Whether we are living on the island or back home in Austin, Texas, the love and warmth of the island faces we’ve come to know and cherish are always with us. We do life with them. We have celebrated births, graduations, weddings and, yes, funerals. This is our island family. We love them, and want the best for them. With the island population growing at increasingly rapid rates, we need more help than ever before. Won’t you join us?

With heartfelt thanks,

David & Brenda Dachner

We create opportunities for the people of Roatán to live a more vibrant life through education, community development, and conservation.

We envision a world where people create a vibrant, sustainable future for themselves and their communities, beginning in Roatán.

Our Work Throughout the Years

¡Bienvenidos! Our first trip to Roatán

The Abundant Life Foundation was operating exclusively in the United States prior to our initial trip to Roatán. At the invitation of a good friend, we went with our daughter on our maiden voyage to the Bay Islands at the end of October, 2006. We had no idea of the aesthetic beauty of the island and were mesmerized by the calm, clear waters, white sand beaches, lush, tropical jungles and beautiful relief of the hills. Loving the sheer beauty and relaxation of it all, we returned a second time on our own. On this trip, we decided to create a place in Roatán where our daughter could grow up seeing an example of life outside U.S. borders.

Our work in Roatán begins

Always looking to make a difference where we’re planted, we quickly got involved helping out in small ways with education: school supplies for kids, uniforms, reading to children and more. We also helped at various locations we had come to know through maintenance of buildings, repairs, helping with groceries and more.

St. Helene stole our hearts

As our involvement in Roatán kept growing, we expanded ALF’s scope to include our international endeavors. Still the minor focus of the foundation, it became increasingly evident to us we were “hooked for life.” Getting to know the people of the remote area of St. Helene is what pushed us over the edge – in the best way possible! At that point, we were dedicated at a heart level to the people of Roatán.

The Sady Bodden School opens

After more than a year of planning and 4 months of construction, the Sady Bodden School opened. Prior to opening, 25 students were attending a school made of bamboo walls with a dirt floor. The day the doors opened at the Sady Bodden School, 57 students walked through the door. The commitment of the people of St. Helene, in exchange for the construction of the school, was to clean their community and keep it trash free.

The dream of Los Sueños begins

In November, 2011, with our initial plans for Los Sueños in hand, we set out to find the perfect location for our affordable housing development. The Flowers Bay location was perfect!

St. Helene Handbag Program begins

As we continued building trusted relationships with local residents in St. Helene, we identified opportunities to partner with them to create micro economy programs drawing upon the existing skills and talents of the community. The first of these programs was the St. Helene Handbag program where we introduced the idea of crocheting handbags from recycled plastic materials. While the idea was first met with hesitation, there are now over 60 women participating and over $23,000 in purses sold. Some male community members also participate by crafting buttons for the bags from local, natural materials.

ALF obtains Honduran NGO status

After nearly 4 years of trying to get NGO status in Honduras, including a trip to the Presidential Palace to see President Pepe Lobo about it, signed documents were handed to Viena Coello, our then Regional Director in Roatán, and David Dachner, President. This was a momentous occasion for our organization and marked a ‘new beginning’ of our efforts to help the people of Roatán help themselves to a better life.

The Grand Roatán Caribbean Resort opens for business

Partnership with the Grand Roatán Caribbean Resort, one of the top rated resorts in the Caribbean, serves as an opportunity for locals to work and grow, and to model how business can and should be done in Central America. Partnering with the Grand Roatán has allowed us to build a trusted team of skilled architects, engineers and construction contractors to ensure projects are completed on-time, on-budget and with complete integrity and transparency.

Big Year!

This year, Roatán became the sole and complete focus of the Abundant Life Foundation. We opened our Regional Office in Coxen Hole. In the same year, the Solid Rock School and Church in Flowers Bay opened. In addition to its many accomplishments, the school has three scholarship recipients and boasts one college graduate… and counting! The Solid Rock Church has an average attendance of 100 every Sunday.

Sports Courts for Communities

Sports bring communities together. In 2016, we built two multi use basketball/soccer courts: one in St. Helene and the other in Los Sueños. They are enjoyed every day by the youth of the communities, and sometimes the adults join in too!

Los Sueños Groundbreaking Ceremony takes place

The Groundbreaking Ceremony for Los Sueños took place on March 14, 2017. We are busy building homes with our contractor and our future homeowners and look forward to the community it will become. We continue to support education on the island with scholarships, supplies and repairs to schools, and we are expanding our work in conservation with a focus on protecting the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.

What will the next 10 years hold?

You Can Make a Difference

Help us build a community local residents are proud to call home. 100% of donor funds are passed through to programs.