Announcing Our New Executive Director

We are excited to announce that, effective November 1st, the position of Executive Director of the Abundant Life Foundation will be taken over by Michelle Monroe.   Michelle comes to us from Amaanah Refugee Services where she has a proven track record for leading the organization through economic growth and physical expansion with a collaborative leadership style focused on creative and pragmatic problem solving, accountability and measurable outcomes. 

A graduate of Iowa State University in Child, Adult and Family Services, Michelle has a minor in Spanish and taught high school for a year in Juticalpa, Honduras.  Upon returning home she earned a Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership from Rice University and entered the nonprofit world.  Having fallen in love with the people of Honduras, she always felt some day she would return to help and is thrilled for the opportunity to support the Hondurans of Roatán through the efforts and programs of the Abundant Life Foundation.

Additionally, Michelle serves on the Advisory Board for Purposed Space, a unique nonprofit consultant organization dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve maximum impact and transform communities, and is an ongoing member of the Iowa State Student-Athletes of Color Alumni Council.  Michelle is a newlywed and she and her husband, Brandon, enjoy the live music scene Austin offers and traveling the world. 

We thank Melissa Sehlhorst, outgoing Executive Director, for her 2 years of heartfelt work and dedicated leadership.  We are now positioned for incredible growth and look forward to working with Michelle to further carry out the mission of the Abundant Life Foundation.

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