Imagine Working Without Light

Read the story of Rosa, an island resident, and how an Abundant Life Foundation Luci Light helps her provide for her family even after the sun sets.

My name is Rosa, and I’ve lived in the community of Hottest Sparrow for over 17 years. I live here with my husband, son, and beautiful daughter. 

What I love most about my community is the peacefulness it offers, not only to my family and I, but to neighbors around me as well. But, the drastic changes on the island over the years have impacted native islanders in our daily living.

Having little to no electricity has been part of a daily life for my family and I. The sun sets at 6:00 pm and we have no light to guide us through the night. I started sewing as an everyday hobby, and now it has become a way of income to help support my family. It’s been 5 years since I started sewing and thankfully, my husband, is a great support to our family as well.  During night time is when I would normally sew, not having light to see had been a hard task when getting the job done. With our gifted Luci Light I can see and get my work done. Not only do I use my light to sew, but to also help get dinner ready for my family. We are so grateful for our light.

On behalf of my family and I, we would like to say thank you to the Abundant Life Foundation for turning our dark nights into brighter ones. I enjoy using my light every night to get the work done. I am proud to say that it has helped me provide for my family. 

About Light Up Life:

Through our partnership with MPowerd, our Light Up Life program provides sustainable, solar-powered Luci Lights to families and individuals with little to no electricity across the Bay Islands. These lights provide a safer solution than candles for islanders who are left in the dark after the sun sets. Any gift big or small makes a huge difference.  Give here today to light up life with us!

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