An Afternoon With Nev Hyman

The Abundant Life Foundation was honored to host “An Afternoon with Nev Hyman, Founder and Chairman of NevHouse” on May 2nd at the Austin History Center. Legendary surfer and surf board maker, Nev dedicates his life to providing solutions to two of the most complex problems of our time:  the global plastic problem and providing shelter for the millions of people without it.    

Nev spoke about the development of the NevEarth Resource Facility (NERF) and the benefits it provides to global communities. A NERF not only processes every code of plastic to create building materials for homes, the waste-to-energy solution removes all residual waste that normally ends up in landfills. A NERF also provides financial incentives to residents surrounding the NERF.

The combination of new technologies in resource recovery, plastic innovation and modular housing creates a rapidly deployable solution to deliver low cost homes, schools, medical clinics and emergence shelters. Learn more here

Nev and his team visited Roatán after leaving Austin to tour the landfill and offer suggestions for addressing the waste issues the island is experiencing from the population explosion on Roatán.  The Abundant Life Foundation looks forward to facilitating more NevHouse conversations and solutions with officials at the local and national levels.

Stay tuned for future events in Austin with NevHouse and the Abundant Life Foundation.

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