Annie and Sirly: What are they up to now?

Annie and Sirly are busy students getting ready to head back to Pensacola, Florida for their Fall semester. We checked in with their teacher from the Solid Rock School, Jessica, at our Los Sueños project in Roatán to ask how the girls have adjusted to life in the U.S., and about their experiences at college.

Are they both still planning to be teachers?

YES! Definitely.

What are their biggest accomplishments and challenges?

Their most significant academic accomplishments and struggles are similar: learning and studying at a rigorous level in their second language, in a different country, with professors speaking rapidly in foreign accents. Class sizes at least 5 times larger than their graduating class of 3 has also been quite an adjustment. Even with the challenges, both girls have learned new study habits, and are excelling in their studies.

What is one of their best moments?

They would both say one of their best moments was in a speech class – they were more than prepared because of all the times they helped us teach at Solid Rock. Also, last semester they both took a Philosophy of Christian Education class and came out more motivated than ever to make an impact in the lives of the kids from where they came from.

What should the supporters of the Abundant Life Foundation know about Annie and Sirly?

They are conquerors. They have overcome tremendous obstacles, and are faithful to the goals God has given them. Both girls are determined to follow through on the opportunities given to them. While their minds are focused on their studies, their hearts are feeling the pull to get back to help the kids of their island. They believe school is their ticket to success in the world, and want to inspire the generations after them to follow the path they are paving.

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